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Results from our health audits or other areas of research

CBHP Health audit 2014
CBHP Women’s Empowerment Project research report
Women’s Vocation Sewing Program Evaluation Report


Maternal and Child Health report (pdf)
Water Project report (pdf)
Microfinance Case Studies in Buldhana (pdf)



CBHP Health Audit Report Jan 2012 (pdf)




Medical Journal of Australia articles:

Conceiving a better world

Three years ago, medical student Mr James Wei attended a 3-week primary health care course in Jamkhed, India. It turned out to be a life-changing experience.

Lasting change: the Community Based Health Project, Buldhana


The journey does not end here. With the data gained from the student research, and the diverse perspectives of villagers, CBHP staff and the students from multiple disciplines, strategies to tackle these social problems are coming to fruition.

Other articles:

Students Champion Health For All