James Wei, a University of Melbourne medical student meets Dr Moses at a hospital in Jamkhed, India. Dr Moses explains his vision to create a community-based health service in his own hometown, which becomes known as CBHP India. James offers his assistance to Dr Moses.



Aug-Sept: The Community Based Health Project founded by Dr Moses. Inauguration of the low cost clinic based in Dhad, Buldana. CBHP Australia founded, pledges assistance to CBHP India



Apr-Oct: Planning for the volunteer program
Nov: Base of operations moved from Dhad to Buldana town. CBHP working in 6 project villages.
Dec: 6 volunteers from Australia arrive for a 4-week long volunteer program. CBHP Australia Health Audit conducted in Buldhana: baseline study on malnutrition, sanitation and education



Jan: CBHP Australia team conducts health audit in Buldana.
Feb: CBHP-SIFE volunteer program.
Mar: CBHP Australia is registered as a non-profit organisation with the Australian Tax Office.
Apr: Over AUD3,000 raised through the Tough Mudder fundraising campaign. Buldana is declared a drought-zone by the State Government. CBHP responds to outbreaks of diarrhoea in villages.
July: First team of village health workers are trained and provided with medical kits.



Jan: Second run of the volunteer-immersion program goes to Buldana. CBHP consolidates work on maternal and child health, water resources, and microfinance in Buldana. The low-cost clinic commences.
Mar: CBHP Australia begins global health and leadership work with Nossal High School students.
Jun: CBHP Australia grows to 30+ members, is awarded several grants, and develops several major fundraising partnerships
Jul: CBHP India starts microfinance project for 18 village women to undertake seamstress training.


Current plans in 2014

Multiple research projects underway, looking at strategies to improve health in Buldana.

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