How We Use Donations

We at CBHP are committed to transparency in the fundraising process, and to ensuring that donations directly benefit the program on the ground in Buldana. Up to 15% of a donation may be used for administrative purposes in Australia. The rest goes directly to India, where it may be used for purposes such as:



    • Village health worker training — cost: AUD10 per month

The VHWs are the key to the CBHP program. They help educate their community, and practise preventative healthcare on a daily basis. However, ongoing training is needed to keep their knowledge up to date, which requires travel to the CBHP clinic from their remote villages. The VHWs are volunteers, and are not paid a salary.



    • VHW medical kits — cost: AUD120 each

As part of the VHW program, all VHWs are provided with basic medical kits, containing: a stethoscope; a blood pressure cuff; a thermometer; a glucometer; a logbook; iron tablets and folate supplements; paracetamol; and oral rehydration salts.

These kits are used to diagnose illness for referral and to provide basic treatment for cases such as diarrhoea and anaemia (both of which are common and serious). Not only are the kits are vital for maintaining health in these remote villages, they play a critical role in enhancing the VHW’s credibility in the community, encouraging the villagers to trust her and respect her opinions in matters of preventative health.



    • Running a low-cost clinic — cost: AUD650 per month

The clinics are where people can come for diagnosis and management of medical problems that are out of the VHWs’ scope to handle.



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