Mission Statement

To use a community based approach to help mitigate health and social injustices in rural India and to create awareness of these issues in Australia.


  1. For every person in rural India to be empowered to take ownership of their health and to overcome health and social injustices
  2. For the Australian community to be aware of and engaged in global health issues and solutions


  • For Buldana – we hold the needs of the Buldana community before our own
  • Put People First – CBHP is about people and their growth, and this always takes priority
  • Servant Leadership – those who aspire to lead should first look to serve
  • Integrity – we strive to perform our work with honesty and transparency
  • Cultivate relationships – relationships are at the centre of all communities, as well as our own.
  • Knowledge & Excellence – program development informed by evidence-based research



An entire forest grown from a single seed.


An entire world, from a single community.

The CBHP logo is a representation of the banyan tree, the national tree of India. As the banyan tree grows, its branches send down new roots into the ground so that eventually, a whole forest can find its origin from a single seed. This represents the work we do at the Community Based Health Project. The Village Health Workers light the candles of health for all, spreading the prosperity of good health from village to village so that one day the entire world may heal.

CBHP is registered with the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (DESA) and Guidestar India as St. Luke’s Community Health and Development Centre.