Volunteer Immersion Program

The CBHP Volunteer Immersion Program



What are you doing these summer holidays? How about adventuring to rural India, and helping out a traveling health clinic? How about helping conducting vital health research, or teaching English in the slum schools? If you have been thinking about volunteering in a developing country, CBHP Australia, in conjunction with Nexus Abroad, would like to invite you to join the CBHP Volunteer Immersion Program.



How do I apply?

To Apply for the VIP, visit the Nexus Abroad program page at http://www.nexusabroad.org/?page_id=594 and fill in the form under Applications.

Nexus Abroad is running 3 information sessions in semester 2:

  • Wednesday September 3rd – 11:30am-12.30pm at The CELT office, Level 5 FBE, 198 Berkeley st
  • Monday September 15th – 12:30pm-1:30pm at Old Arts South Lecture Theatre Rm  224
  • Tuesday October 7th – 1:30pm-2:30pm at Old Arts North Lecture Theatre Rm 239 



When is the Volunteer Immersion Program?

The planned dates for the next run of the VIP are January 3rd – February 5th 2015, though this has yet to be completely confirmed. For more information, please email nexusabroad@enactusunimelb.org.au.



Who will I be volunteering with?

Dr. Moses and his team have been working to provide healthcare to one of India’s most impoverished areas as part of the Community Based Health Project (CBHP). He and his team travel around the villages surrounding Buldana, providing medical services the people would otherwise not be able to afford or receive. The initiative also involves training women from the villagers, known as ‘Village Health Workers’, and supplying them with equipment and medicine so they can administer healthcare too. This provides both employment for the newly trained healthcare workers, and desperately needed medical services for their communities.



What will I be doing?

1) Teaching at local village schoolsIMG_3593

2) Working with Dr. Moses and his mobile health clinic

3) Taking part in collecting vital information from villages to contribute to the health care initiative


You’ll also have the opportunity to:

– Experience life as a rural farmer (ie. cotton picking in December)

– Explore world heritage listed sites on weekend trips

– Visit traditional healers, learn traditional Indian cooking and attend Marathi lessons

– Enjoy the produce, material and foods of a local Sunday market

– Immerse yourself in the local Indian culture (the amount of invitations to join locals for chai tea will overwhelm you)



Where will I be staying?

At the Nazarene Dormitory in Buldana district, 170km from Aurangabad, surrounded by a small Papaya farm and friendly locals. Accommodation will be shared. Flush toilets and running water are available.


How much will it cost?

Early bird registration $1500 Standard registration: $1600



Why join the Volunteer Immersion Program?


– Both CBHP Australia and Nexus Abroad are not-for-profit Melbourne University organisations; 100% of the profits go to the health clinic, which is not always the case with volunteer programs

– It is low-cost compared to other programs

– You will be contributing to a grass-roots development project which will transform healthcare in a needy area of rural India. Plus, it will look good on your CV.



My trip to India was more interesting and intense than anything I can remember. I met the most amazing people, had the most amazing time, and I have the greatest confidence in the program that Doctor Moses and the CBHP team are trying to set up. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone.

–Geneva Goldenberg


There were two highlights of the volunteer program for me. Firstly, I was deeply enriched by the heaps of time we spent with our host family and the families that lived around our accommodation. This enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the people and everyday life in Buldana, in a way that just participating in the scheduled volunteering activities would not have. Secondly, I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the breadth of activities that we were allowed to experience. The flexibility of time we had there proved to be both an advantage and disadvantage. All in all, I would definitely highly recommend the CBHP program to anyone who is considering it!

–Erica Lim

It was foreign and also fascinating. One of the things I like most about the program was the India culture. The sari dresses, the delicious food, not to mention the hospitable Indian people, they all together made the experience more memorable. It was a valuable opportunity to live with the locals and understand them. Building on this mutual understanding, we helped them with the skills that we have. Definitely, do not miss out on this fantastic trip.

–Xiao Sun



See more http://communitybasedhealthproject.org/volunteer-immersion-program/testimonials/

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